My Prestation

Formula Complete

It is the organization of your custom wedding from A to Z ... You already have a precise idea, or you already think of a theme summed up in a few words ... After extensive exchanges on your dreams, your tastes , and your budget, our team will compose the wedding that
suits you. At each stage YOU decide ... This until your total satisfaction.

Formula Liberté

This is a partial organisation of your wedding. Find some vendors you have no t found yet. For instance, you look after only  a decorator, a videast and a babysitter? Each service is detailed and we can complet those you already have.

And Also, I will be present the D-Day to coordonate everyone .

Formula Journée

I propose 2 meetings during the 3-months period before your wedding day. These points let me know about your vendors, your planning, etc. It's important for me to introduce myself to them in order to coordonate your wedding.

And of course I will be there the D- Day  to coordonate everyone...